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"Vulnerability is not weakness; it's our most accurate measure of courage." - Brene Brown

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What is Counseling for Women?

Counseling for women is exactly what it sounds like: women getting support from a professional counselor who has experience working with women and specializes in supporting women! So then, you might be wondering, what would be a reason a woman would need support? Women may seek out counseling for many different reasons in fact. Someone might come see me for generalized anxiety or depression symptoms, such as excessive worry or feeling down, unable to find joy or pleasure in the things they used to enjoy. Often times, I work with women who may be struggling with self-esteem, identity, grief or loss, or even relationship challenges. Many women want help with adjusting to a new stage of life, maybe that's graduating college, entering adulthood and living on their own; starting a new job or career; a new role or identity such as becoming a wife or becoming a mom; struggling with panic attacks or specific phobias; or needing space to process through childhood trauma or other traumas they have experienced. We as woman are strong and resilient, and also deserve to amplify our life towards our personal goals and values! 

Whatever you may be struggling with, just know you are not alone. You do not have to continue struggling by yourself. It's hard as women to ask for help, but I promise it will be so worth it! Take a chance on yourself, because you deserve it. If you don't take time for your wellness, you will be forced to take care of your illness.

Can Panic Attacks last for days?

Many people confuse anxiety and panic attacks. Generally, panic attacks are experiences that come about suddenly, heighten at about 10 minutes, and then slowly fade away, lasting in total about 30 minutes. (Although for the individual it may "feel like days!") Some panic attacks can last a few hours depending on the situation. Anxiety is something that can be experienced in waves of intensity and last for several days or occur daily. Anxiety can especially be high after a panic attack for fear of having another panic attack. Some individuals have experienced multiple panic attacks throughout one day, or back to back days, seeming like one long panic attack lasting for days. This is not common though. 

Both anxiety and panic attacks tend to show up when our thoughts get the best of us (sometimes such automatic thoughts we don't always even recognize when they occur). The healing journey starts with recognizing and identifying those automatic thoughts and learning coping skills to reframe or change unhelpful thinking patterns. 

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Can Self-Confidence be improved?

This is a great question, and easy answer! YES, of course self-confidence can be improved! Now, getting their is not necessarily an easy process. It takes time to build and lots of patience. The most important thing to remember, be kind to yourself! 

Everyone struggles with self-doubt from time to time. And if anyone every tells you otherwise, they are either lying to you or projecting their own self-doubt. Identifying and focusing on your strengths can help you increase your self-confidence. 

Reframing or rethinking about your "weaknesses" as areas of growth, and "failures" as opportunities to learn, can also help improve your confidence in yourself.


Setting small goals, celebrating even the smallest accomplishments, finding inspiration from role models are great steps to work towards. Also, taking good care of yourself (mind and body!) through a nutritious diet, moving your body through exercise or stretching, drinking enough water, getting enough rest, engaging in self-care or other fun activities that bring you joy, and prioritizing your physical, AND emotional and mental health are key.

Counseling for woman can be a wonderful first step towards improving your self-confidence and on a path towards healing.

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Free Consultation

Not sure if you should start therapy? Feel like maybe you don't need it? That's totally normal! I always start off the counseling process with a FREE consultation to ease any hesitations or nerves you may have about counseling. It is so important to feel connected with your counselor and feel that they can support your specific needs. That's why I do a free consult! It gives us the opportunity to meet first, before committing to anything. You will have the chance to discuss your primary concerns, share general goals for therapy, and get to know me, my practice, and how I might support your specific needs. You can ask any questions and we will work together to make sure this is the right path for you! If we agree this is the right fit, we will then schedule an intake session for a full assessment to gather background information.

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Increasing Self-Confidence

Intake Session

The intake session provides us the opportunity to gather all the details, identify the presenting problems in more details, and develop treatment goals that lead you closer to your personal values. It is an honor for me to be invited into your private experiences and have the opportunity to guide you towards living a meaningful life. My goal is to meet you where you are and provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


RATES: $160 per session (reduced rate options available)


LOCATION: Telehealth (online counseling) sessions available to Texas residents. In person sessions available at an office located in The Woodlands, Texas (North Houston).

Individual Counseling Sessions

After the intake will be where the real growth happens. The frequency of these sessions will be discussed and adjusted in each session, but typically start off on a weekly basis. These sessions are what you make them. We will collaboratively work to process your thoughts and feelings most concerning to you. Individual counseling sessions will look differently for everyone depending on your processing style, primary goals, and personal values. I will support you in reaching YOUR goals and leading you closer towards YOUR values. 

RATES: $135 per session (reduced rate options available)

LOCATION: Telehealth (online counseling) sessions are available for Texas residents. In person sessions are available at an office located in The Woodlands, Texas (North Houston)

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